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Totally Weird Los Angeles is the ultimate community for those interested in the weird wonderfulness that is Los Angeles. Featuring a podcast, a blog, and a social media community, TWLA takes all the best aspects of Hidden Los Angeles, Atlas Obscura, and Huel Hower’s California’s Gold and rolls them into one irreverent, oddball community full of love and respect for all things uniquely Angeleno. With a point of view that is decidedly pro female and pro intersectional, we seek to tell the stories of those who are historically less heard. We most definitely cover topics you are familiar with, but we can guarantee you that you’ve never heard things quite this way. TWLA covers everything that makes LA what it is. The community has something for everyone, from recent transplants, to multigenerational natives, and to those far and wide fascinated with the mythos of our great city.

Meet your TWLA hosts

 Nancy Ray-Gun (ok, maybe not her real name) is a 5th generation native of Los Angeles and bleeds Dodger Blue. Her Great- Great-grandfather was the Maitre’d at the famous Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel where Bobby Kennedy was shot. She spent more than a decade and a half as a journalist, reporting on weird Los Angeles news stories, as well as entertainment. David Duchovney famously told Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman all about Nancy on an episode of The Late Show...after she and her friends chased him into a Banana Republic.  

 Carrie Dunlap, named after the Stephen King novel, has lived in Los Angeles for the last decade and has a deep love of true crime and the weird history of Los Angeles. She even once lived in the apartments previously occupied by The Manson Family during their infamous murder spree. Carrie spends her days digging into the bizarre and macabre, hunting down freak taxidermy, and binging docuseries with her cats. Most weekends, Carrie can be found performing on stage with the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, Sins o’ the Flesh at the Nuart Theatre and galavanting through Disneyland.  

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