Episode 2

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

And here are all the links and photos and extra stuff that go along with episode 2 of our Totally Weird Los Angeles podcast.

Carrie's favorite matzoh ball soup from Brent's Deli photo cred: Bill J. on Yelp

Our Malibu Canyon Murder Map. What do you think? Serial killer? Gang dumping ground? Something else?

Some fun, historic pics of Dale Velzy and Manhattan Beach.

Dale Velzy at the Manhattan Beach Surf Club under the pier, 1950. Source credit: Bing Copeland via FB

Velzy's first surf shop in Manhattan Beach on the Northeast corner of Ocean Dr. and Manhattan Beach Blvd. 1951. Source Credit: Rory Wicks via FB.

Aerial view of Manhattan Beach, 1925.

Elizabeth Short.

Elizabeth Short

Mugshot from Elizabeth Short's arrest for underage drinking September 23, 1943

Elizabeth Short with Major Matthew M. Gordon Jr

Major Matthew M. Gordon Jr

Elizabeth Short with mother, Phoebe May Short

Elizabeth Short on the beach with unidentified female.


Link to the Newsweek article about Mitrice Richardson:


Link to the documentary about Mitrice Richardson, "Lost Compassion: What Happened to Mitrice Richardson":


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