Sensory Processing Disorder- Why our Cloth Masks are Different

Hey there, it’s me, Nancy, and I’d like to talk to you about Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD. It’s something that affects many children and adults alike and often experienced as an extreme discomfort with the seams of your clothes. We here at TWLA have promised to JUST SAY NO to seams on the insides of our cloth masks. Which is why you’ll see a cute little foldover and a seam on the outside of your mask. No discomfort or chafing on sensitive cheeks.

Also, we know how uncomfortable elastic around ears and ties dangling down your neck can be. Our mask is specially designed to be comfortable on your neck and tied only at the back of your head where you're less likely to feel the ends of ties touching your skin. It's also completely adaptable so if you'd like to use something else other than the paracord supplied to secure your mask to your face, you don't need any sewing skills or special materials to do so. Grab a bit of elastic, some soft ribbon, or even an old shoelace to use instead of the paracord. We won't be offended, we just want you to be comfortable and as safe and healthy as possible.

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