Wearing Your Mask- What you need to know

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Because our masks are designed to be comfortable for long wear, they are sensory friendly and you’ll notice their unique design. The seams are made to the outside/ front of the mask instead of the inside/ back, and the paracord can be tied around your head instead of pulling on the ears.

When you get your order, you should receive the cloth mask as well as a length of paracord. Below are instructions on how to wear your mask the way that we like to wear it. If there’s another way more comfortable to you, do whatever feels right.

We’ve done our best to keep your masks as contaminant-free as possible, however, they are hand-sewn in the homes of local residents and we do recommend washing before use. The paracord is sturdy but if you have a top-loading washer, you may want to put it in a mesh laundry bag first or tie it into a small bundle.


Threading the cord:

-In your package, you will find your mask as well as a length of paracord. Remove both.

-The front of your mask will have the print you chose and a seam on either side. On the far edges that reach toward your ears, you will find a narrow channel.

-Decide which direction you want to be up toward your eyes and lay the mask face down on a clean table with the top pointing up, and the channels to the right and left.

-Take one end of the paracord and lace it through the right-hand channel from bottom to top. You may want to use a crochet hook, darning needle, or a safety pin to help you pull it through to the top. Once you lace it through, leave a good length out the top.

-Now, take the other end of the paracord, and lace it through the left-hand channel the same as you did the right and leave a good length out the top.

-Your paracord should create a U shape below the mask and have both lengths above the mask. You’ll want to adjust those lengths so that they are equal.

-(-Later you can trim the cord to your desired length and finish it with a knot or heat to keep from fraying. )

Putting the mask on:

-Now, you are going to lift the cord over your head so that the bottom of the U is at the back of your neck and the mask is dangling face down on your chest.

-Now lift both ends of the paracord to the back of your head and tie snuggly.

-Adjust the mask so that it covers both your mouth and nose snuggly.

Taking the mask off:

When you want to take the mask off, simply untie from the back of your head or lift the cord from the back of your head and let the mask dangle face down on your chest. Remember, if you’ve been in public or interacting with others, the face side could be dirty with germs. You never want to let that side touch your mouth or nose until it’s been washed again.

Again, your support means so much to us and we are truly grateful. Together, we are helping to stay healthy, helping those financially affected by the pandemic to work and stay more financially stable, and donating masks to those most in need.

Thank you!

-Your Totally Weird Los Angeles Family

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